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  • 2 Oct 2018 8:43 PM | Anonymous

    IMPACT Act Flyer- Aug 30 2018- FINAL.pdf

    IMPACT ACT- Prescriber 1 Pager FINAL 08-21-18 (JLD 082318).pdf

    Telligen Podcast-Speaking Out on Pain Management Podcast.pdf

    Long Term Care Facility Information Sheet for Dialysis Residents.docx

    IMPACT Act Work Flow Diagram_Stand Alone- FINAL (JLD082818).pdf


    1. Introductions

    2. CDPHE / Ombudsman / CHCA Update

    3. Discharge Summary Review - Dr. Sing Palat

    4. Anemia and Geriatrics - Travis Neill

    5. CMDA annual Conference AND companion conference - Dr. Rebecca Boxer, Dr. Sing Palat, Allison Voss

    • Consider adding a section for PA/LTC Innovators

    1. Influenza Update - Dr. Greg Gahm

    2. Update on IMPACT- Dr. Sing Palat, Alan Miller and Dr. Greg Gahm

    3. Request for comments on the Draft of the Long Term Care Facility Information sheet for Dialysis Resident (included below)

    Remember: AMDA Podcasts are available for free at Sheet for Dialysis Residents

    Below are the following attachments: IMPACT Act information, Telligen Podcast, Draft of the Long Term Care Facility Information

  • 4 Sep 2018 8:40 PM | Anonymous

    IMPACT Act Work Flow Diagram_Stand Alone- FINAL (JLD082818).pdf 

    IMPACT ACT- Prescriber 1 Pager FINAL 08-21-18 (JLD 082318).pdf

    IMPACT Act Flyer- Aug 30 2018- FINAL.pdf

    Care planning website.pdf

    AMDA-Choosing-Wisely-List copy.pdf

    AGS choosing wisely copy.pdf

    ACP Workshop for Providers - 10 8 2018.pdf

    2018 Summit Overview[2] (1).pdf


    1.     Introductions

    2.     CDPHE / Ombudsman / CHCA Update

    3.     Advance Care Planning Workshop and Resources - Kari Degerness MBA, LNHA

    4.     Choosing Wisely: AMDA and AGS - Travis Neil and Allison Voss

    5.     Update on new Time Out Tool - Dr. Christine LaRocca

    6.     Increasing collaboration and communication between long term care facilities and Dialysis Centers - 

          Vicki Brantley, MSN, RN and Susan Moretti, BSN

    7.     CMDA name change update - Dr. Eber and Allison Voss

    8.     CMDA annual Conference and companion conference - Dr. Eber


    Below are the following attachments: AMDA Choosing wisely, AGS Choosing wisely. Colorado care planning website information, information about 2 upcoming educational opportunities and information on the IMPACT act which goes into effect for SNF’s in October, 2018

  • 7 Aug 2018 8:39 PM | Anonymous

    CMS letter about opioid Potentiators 2 copy.pdf


    1. Introductions

    2. CDPHE / Ombudsman / CHCA Update

    3. CMDA name change: CMDA - The Colorado Society for Post-Acute and Long Term Care Medicine

    4. Review of CMS letter about Opioid Potentiators - Dr. Eber

    5. Sexuality and Dementia in Long-Term Care: Balancing Residents' Rights and Resident Safety-  Alan Horowitz Esq., RN

    6. Influenza vaccine opportunity - Dr. Gahm

    7. Update for the Annual CMDA 2019 conference

  • 5 Jun 2018 8:34 PM | Anonymous

    CMDA Presentation 6 5 18.pptx / Transportation Hold Fact Sheet.pdf  /  New Opiate Law 5 18.docx   /  TB-LTC-Screening-Guidance.pdf  /  TB-LTC-Screening-Guidance.pdf  /  Vancomycin Oral Solution Firvanq May2018.pdf  /  Anticoagulation Update June 2018.docx  /  Anticoagulation Update June 2018.pdf  /  2007 JAMDA NOAC.pdf

    June 5, 2018 Agenda for CMDA

    1. Introductions

    2. CDPHE / Ombudsman / CHCA Update

    3. Annual CMDA 2018 conference review - Dr. Eber / Allison Voss

                  - Video of the annual CMDA 2018 available for purchase

    1. Review of TB risk assessment, new opioid law, vancomycin and M 0.5 hold form - Dr. Gahm

    2. Update and review of direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) in LTC -  Travis Neill

    3. Business Meeting - Dr. Palat

                     - review of financial status and budget for 2018-2019

            7. Elections for president and treasurer - Dr. Gahm

                  -nominations during June 2018 and elections during the August 2018 meeting

    Questions: Leslie Eber (720)490-5079

    CMDA june 5 minutes.docx

  • 27 Apr 2018 10:52 PM | Sing Palat (Administrator)

    View agenda and slides, or purchase recordings of the 2018 Annual Conference "Standards of Care and Best Practices"

    2018 Annual Conference Purchase Recordings

  • 30 Mar 2018 10:00 AM | Anonymous

    Colorado HCPF Drug Utilization Review Telephone Consult Note.pdf


    1. Introductions
    2. CDPHE / Ombudsman / CHCA Update
    3. Communicable Disease Update: Group A strep infections in Long-term Care Facilities - Helen Johnston and Wendy Bamberg MD
    4. Pain management and opioids - Dr. Alex Reish,
    5. We are still accepting more questions on pain management for Dr. Reish.
    6. Please email Dr. Sing Palat at
    7. AMDA update from the annual conference - Dr. Eber and Dr. Peng
    8. Annual CMDA conference - Date: 4/27/18 - Dr. Eber
    9. Update on Website and Facebook
  • 14 Mar 2018 3:50 PM | Anonymous

    Letter from the President

    CMDA members,

       Below are the minutes for the March 6th, 2018 meeting. I have  included the link below to buy the AMDA tool for providers to interpret the new Rules of Participation and regulations as well as Malcolm's tool which is very helpful for medical directors. The CDC opioid tools are also below. I want to again thank Dr. Sara Combs for her wonderful presentation on ESRD and her power point is attached. The UTI tool developed by Greg Gahm is also attached below. Finally, are you wondering how to register for the CMDA/CHCA annual conference on April 27, 2018? You can register on our website, CMDA.US under the events tab. 

            If you are going to attend the AMDA meeting this year in Grapevine, Texas please email me and I can include you on our reception email for Colorado and Wyoming. Remember, next month our meeting will be in a different room and building: C-1A. You will need to come a little early and come to building A to get a pass to enter building C. 

    Thank you,

     Leslie Eber MD CMD

    AMDA link to buy the tool for interpreting the new regulations:

    “There is so much in the regulations that is important for physicians and other practitioners to understand, but it’s unrealistic to expect them to pour over and digest hundreds of pages,” says Victoria Walker, MD, CMD. Thanks to her leadership as Chair of the Clinical Issues Committee, which worked to trudge through the 400-plus pages of the recently revised Federal nursing facility regulations, you won’t have to. The result is the updated the “Synopsis of Federal Regulations in the Nursing Facility: Implications for Attending Physicians and Medical Directors.” Read more.

  • 4 Feb 2018 4:37 PM | Anonymous


    1. Introductions
    2. CDPHE / Ombudsman / CHCA Update
    3. “What can we do to prevent or slow down dementia?” - Dr. Lee Anneberg
    4. New CMDA leadership Positions: Secretary and Educational Liaison,
    5. Allison Voss PA and Travis Neill PA
    6. Colorado Crisis Standard of Care: Garry DeJong MS NRP
    7. Our New Website and electronic registration for the Annual Conference – Blake Anneberg
    8. Annual CMDA conference - CORRECTED date: 4/27/18 Dr. Eber
    9. AMDA annual meeting - House of Delegates, sponsorship for Fellows - March 22-25, Grapevine, TX - Dr. Eber

    Questions: Leslie Eber (720) 490-5079

    Below are the dementia articles that Dr. Anneberg will be referencing and an informational letter on the Colorado Crisis Standard of Care

    Minutes & Documents 

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